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What does it look like to be firmly rooted and established in your faith in Jesus? The nine guided conversations in this study focus on foundational questions in the life of a growing believer. The first three conversations address Identity, Belonging, and Purpose. The next three focus on our relationship with God exploring the Trinity, the Bible, and Prayer. The last three conversations discuss how we can help people find and follow Jesus through understanding the Gospel, God’s Mission, and our Design. 


  • Nine guided conversations around a core question 
  • Easy-to-follow content highlighting foundational scripture passages
  • Basic spiritual practices introduced in each conversation including Bible reading, Prayer, Discovery Bible Study, Silence and Solitude, Sharing Your Story, and Sharing the Gospel


  • 1: Identity - Who am I?
  • 2: Belonging - Who are my people?
  • 3: Purpose - Why am I here?
  • 4: Trinity - What is God like?
  • 5: Bible - How does God reveal Himself?
  • 6: Prayer - How do I connect with God?
  • 7: Mission - What is God doing in the world?
  • 8: Gospel - How do I introduce people to Jesus?
  • 9: Design - What is my unique contribution?
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