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Essentials is a ten-lesson study of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. The study addresses some of the main questions people ask about faith including - Who is God? How can I have a relationship with God? Why follow Jesus for a lifetime?

While the Christian life is grounded by knowledge of biblical truth, knowledge alone can become lifeless if that truth is not lived out in daily practice. So each of these ten lessons introduces both biblical truths and related life applications. Each lesson begins with a key verse to memorize and 1-2 thought-provoking questions to reflect on as you begin. 


  • Ten lessons exploring a key question 
  • Easy-to-follow content highlighting foundational scripture passages
  • An article on the reliability of the Bible
  • Scripture memory cards to cut out and keep with you


  • Lesson 1: Who Is God?
  • Lesson 2: Who Is Jesus Christ?
  • Lesson 3: Who Am I?
  • Lesson 4: How Can I Have a Relationship with God?
  • Lesson 5: How Can I Know For Sure?
  • Lesson 6: How Can I Faithfully Follow Jesus?
  • Lesson 7: Why Do I Need the Bible?
  • Lesson 8: Why Do I Need the Church?
  • Lesson 9: Why Do I Struggle to Follow Jesus?
  • Lesson 10: Why Follow Jesus For a Lifetime?


Some updates in content that is not reflected in the printed copy on p. 75

  • In what areas of your life do you struggle to follow Jesus?

  • How can believers encourage one another when we become discouraged due to our continued struggle with sin?

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