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Parables in Luke

Parables in Luke

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Parables in Luke

The book of Luke is a detailed account of Jesus’s life and ministry, including parables that He taught. A parable is a timeless truth or lesson packaged in a simple, memorable story. The characters and events in the parable often point to a spiritual reality of God and people. In this eight lesson study on the parables in Luke, we will see how Jesus taught the crowds and His disciples about the kingdom of God and learn how we can begin to live in its reality now. 


  • Personal study to be completed between group sessions 
  • Group discussion guide for every lesson
  • Disciple-making tools and spiritual formation practices built into lessons
  • One lesson focusing on Spiritual formation through Prayer and Solitude


  • Survey - overview of cultural and historic background, author, audience and purpose
  • Lesson 1: Sower, Seeds, and Soil
  • Lesson 2: The Good Samaritan
  • Lesson 3: The Bothered Friend and The Unjust Judge
  • Lesson 4: The Rich Fool
  • Lesson 5: Spiritual Formation - Prayer + Solitude
  • Lesson 6: Guests at The Banquet
  • Lesson 7: The Lost Son
  • Lesson 8: The Wicked Vine-Growers
  • Synthesis - review and record a summary of what was learned in the study
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