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Two childless, destitute widows - one older and weighed down with grief and sorrow, the other younger and naive ... their journey from tragedy to joy is the story of the book of Ruth. Though one of the shorter books of the Old Testament, the book of Ruth has proven to be one of the most memorable and influential to God’s people. Ruth’s example of faith and faithfulness in the midst of great tragedy continues to leave an indelible mark on all who study her story. 

This 8-lesson study features background information on the turbulent historical time of the Judges in which the story takes place. It also includes helpful interpretive tools for studying biblical narratives which make up 40% of the Bible. 


  • Personal study to be completed between group sessions 
  • Group discussion guide for every lesson
  • Disciple-making tools built into lessons
  • Size: 7 X 10
  • Perfect bound


  • Lesson 1: Survey - overview of cultural and historic background, author, audience and purpose
  • Lesson 2: Ruth 1:1-7
  • Lesson 3: Ruth 1:8-22
  • Lesson 4: Ruth 2:1-13
  • Lesson 5: Ruth 2:14-23
  • Lesson 6: Ruth 3:1-18
  • Lesson 7: Ruth 4:1-12
  • Lesson 8: Ruth 4:13-22
  • Synthesis - Review and record a summary of what was learned in the study
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